Inheritance Tax

Our service covers all aspects of inheritance tax protection and all fully protects against the Care Act 2014 and much more.

What About Inheritance?


The current limit on inheritance tax is £325K per person. With no limit being applied between spouses. Therefore, your estate portfolio is not subject to any taxation if it falls below the threshold.
If your estate value is above the prerequisite £325k and you are passing it on to non-spousal beneficiaries, then it is due to inheritance taxation at marginal rate.


Various different methods are available to prevent inheritance tax being due. The most popular way is known as “willing away” or “gifting assets” to beneficiaries before you pass away. This is called a potentially exempt transfer and the tax burden diminishes over time and after 7 years there is no inheritance tax liability due.
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The Care Act 2014


Schemes to protect against inheritance tax will not necessarily protect your assets against care costs. If you wish to protect your assets against care costs, then a different approach is required


Our bespoke products will protect your assets against both inheritance tax and care costs and leave you with the peace of mind that your home and savings are protected for those you wish to benefit from them


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If all criteria is met we guarantee that your estate will not be subject to any inheritance tax no matter what the value.