At estate planning UK we are proud of what our customers say. Some we have been able to help unfortunately some left it too late. We would like to personally thank anyone and everyone that took the time to write a review of our services. It is truly heartwarming to see the impact we have had on peoples lives. We would request that you take the time to read our reviews and query the legitimacy of the law we use to protect your assets. Our barristers and lawyers are happy to field any questions you may have.

We are asked daily for help and advice on the Care Act 2014 and the implications it has on people lives. So far to date we have helped hundreds of people who have been misinformed save or recoup monies that local authorities have been insistent on them paying. This offer is open to anyone who has a query, simply call or email with your question and one of our legal experts will review it and inform you of the current Care Act guidance.

Winston Howlet

“They do what people told me and my wife wasn’t possible, and a barrister signs it off. The question is how come no one else knows about this. How many people have lost there homes because they didn’t know. Shame on the whole establishment. But a huge thanks to you all, Mike, Simon, Mark & Mhari you have have been wonderful, I just cant believe what you have done for us. We wish you continued success and Hope you get lots more clients before the government change the Law”

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